Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

At IbniSprings, we respect your privacy and are concerned with the valuable relationship we have with our customers. Like other websites we also collect details to improve our services and products and to provide you with the best experience. The information that we collect help us in recognizing and fulfilling the specified needs of the customers.
Please read the cookie policy to familarize yourself with cookies which is exercised by us to enhance client experience and let us know your queries/doubts if any, by mailing us on our e-mail


A Cookie is a small string of text files stored on your device. Cookies are widely used to make the website more efficient.A Cookie recognize your visiting on the website and remember the selections you made on the website to make the website more convenient and optimised.


Any personal information collected by IbniSprings via cookies or other information technologies is solely controlled and managed by IbniSprings Homestay. By using our website you are giving consent on sharing the personal information with regard to cookie policy and privacy policy.IbniSprings will only collect data and information in accordance with the law. For comprehensive understanding please refer to Privacy Policy.You have the full right to manage these cookies and grant or disallow the information to be shared. Please note that we use cookies to improve the online experience.


Cookies and alike bots are used to recognize your activity on website and the selctions you have made to enhance your viewing experience for your future visit to the website again and to provide with the similar features for the others.


You have the right to control,manage, delete or block cookies in the settings of your browser.However, it will also limit your viewing experience on the website if you select to restrict cookies.


These are the cookies used by us to enhance user's experience over website and keeps the track of activities like preference of the customers, number of visitings and targered products and services in which the user is interested in. It helps us to manage our marketing and advertising strategies. Along with it enable us to check errors, bugs or any redundancy in our coding to operate efficiently.


To improve our advertising and research we also take resort to third party vendors.These cookies enable us to seek guidance from third party providers to optimize our products and services. These Cookies also allow us to examine statistics and analytics of the website. We share information through cookies for marketing and business purposes.

Note: This policy describes clearly about cookies, its functionality and ability to control. We may change the cookie policy anytime so, it is better to check the last updated cookie policy on this website. Any changes or update made in the cookie policy will become effective as soon as it is uploaded on the websit. By using our website, you agree to the cooking policy. You can have individual control over your visit to the website and make changes in the settings.

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